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Are you too busy to look your very best? Does a physical or visual impairment hinder your ability to apply makeup? Are you physically active (swim, hike, etc) and “sweat off” your makeup? Are you a Mom or other busy person that
just doesn’t have time for makeup? Do you have sparse or very light eyebrows? ARE permanent cosmetics for me? “The” perfect solution! IF you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then Permanent Cosmetics “IS” the perfect solution!
Microblading and hair line stokes with micro needles for more natural looking brows

Thanks to Permanent Make-Up ...Women have it so much easier!!!



We understand that your efforts of time and expense to achieve and maintain that goal is a precious commodity. “Intradermal Cosmetics”, “Micropigmentation”, “Dermal Graphics”, these terms are all used to describe the same revolutionary technique of applying micro-injections of natural pigments safely into the dermal layer of the skin. Our sate-of-the-art instruments used for this procedure are medically developed and specifically designed to be completely safe.

For Eyebrows  Eyeliner

 Lips  3-D Eyelashes

Women want to look their best all of the time, whether they are at the gym, or wake up late with no time to apply eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner and lipstick permanent cosmetics is the art of implanting soft color into the skin for the appearance of a smudged or smoky eyeliner, to hair-like strokes in the eyebrows, scar camouflaging or the correction of tiny/thin lips to give the illusion of full and beautiful ones.

Colorless lips are defined, lips appear fuller, eyebrows are perfect, eyeliner is flawless, and scars are undetectable. Each procedure is done under sterile conditions with minimum discomfort. They are performed with only the best in anesthetics used for a wonderful and comfortable experience.

There are many choices depending on what you want. Whether you suffer from arthritis, vision problems or, simply have a hard time just applying your makeup, permanent makeup is your answer!

Imagine having your make up stay with you wherever you are. Work, play, the pool, the shower! It’s FREEDOM..... You and your make up are one. Since everyone’s pain tolerance is different, we never offer specific claims. However, we do make you as comfortable as possible by applying topical anesthetics both prior to and throughout the procedure. Typically, these anesthetics have achieved a high success rate for providing minimal to no discomfort. You can always tell us if you need more topical applied.



Branson, MO    Little Rock, AR   Harrison, AR    Fayetteville, AR
Hays, Kansas   Manhattan , Memphis, TN ,Kansas Kansas City, Mo


 866-602-5864    870-743-4494
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