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The Art of Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent Eyebrows

The brow line is a face framer. Shapes should be chosen according to ones face. A brow's ending is vital according to the face shape, either for round face, oval or square. The right brow line has the seemingly magical effect of taking years away from one's appearance and giving the entire face a "lift."

In creating permanent eyebrows, a hair-stroke effect is used. When incorporated with shading which creates the illusion of depth, the hair stroke technique creates undetectable, totally natural looking eyebrows.

Permanent Lip Liner

Lip liner re-shapes the lip line and gives lips definition. The shape of the bottom lip influences the shape of the chin, bringing the suggestion of roundness to a square chin or giving an oval shape to a round chin. Example: when outlining a lower lip on a square chin, the chin then appears rounder.

Permanent lip liner is especially suggested for women who have a falling or droopy upper lip. Unfortunately our lips get smaller as we mature. Permanent liner can change the size and shape of the lips and make them look more pronounced. Permanent lip liner also corrects the appearance of a cleft palate.

Permanent Full Lip Color

This procedure adds color to your entire lips making them luscious. We have many natural shades to chose from for a natural or dramatic look.

Types of Permanent Eyeliners

Lash enhancement places pigment directly into the lash line. It creates a subtle, natural, "no make-up" look. This enhancement is favored by women who do not use eyeliner.

Open line is for women who would like their eyes to look more open. It consists of top and bottom lines with the outside edges left open.

Wide closed line appears to modify the shape of one's eyes. Top and bottom liner give the appearance of almond-shaped eye.

Wide open end on top and bottom is recommended for those with drooping eyelids. Creates a a permanent "lift."



Branson, MO    Little Rock, AR   Harrison, AR    Fayetteville, AR
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